Business registration

We help get your company properly registered with the appropriate authorities. Whether it is a company registration or a business name registration or a trademark registration we got you covered!

Business Name Registration

 A business name is the quickest and most convenient form of doing business by a sole proprietor or partnership in a professional manner. We assist Nigerian and foreign clients to register their business names with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission.

Company Registration

  A limited liability company has a more professional image and it suggests to potential investors or clients that its owners are focused on growing the business separately from themselves and are more open to abide by corporate governance principles for the growth of the company.  We assist Nigerian and foreign clients to register their companies with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission and also assist with post-incorporation matters.

Trademark Registration

Do you have a brand, logo, mark, slogan unique to your business or yourself which you would like to protect from theft or infringement by third parties? Then you should consider registering same with the Trademarks Registry, Nigeria. Registration of a trademark gives the owner exclusive right to the trademark in respect of particular goods or classes of goods to which it was registered. We can assist you with the registration of your trademark in Nigeria today.

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